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Despatriado was born out of a passion for preserving the heritage and tradition of mezcal production in Oaxaca. Our founders embarked on a journey to personally connect and collaborate with local artisanal distillers, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Throughout the years, Despatriado has had the privilege of serving esteemed clients including mezcal enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs from around the world. Our commitment to excellence and authentic flavors has earned us a loyal customer base.

Recognized for our dedication to preserving traditional mezcal-making techniques and promoting sustainable practices, Despatriado has received prestigious awards for our exceptional mezcal offerings.

Our Mission

Reviving the Essence of Mezcal

To share the unique flavors of Oaxaca’s mezcal and support local communities.

At Despatriado, our mission is to bring the centuries-old craft of mezcal making to the forefront, supporting local agave farmers and distillers while introducing mezcal aficionados to the rich cultural heritage and diverse flavors of Oaxaca.

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